Group Overview

Each company in the JIN Group cooperates to form a network that provides total support and swift response to segmentation of customer needs and diversification of lifestyles.

From JIN Corporation, Ltd., which focuses on operation of the hair removal salon Musee Platinum, and JIN International, Ltd., which manages and controls overseas expansion of the hair removal salon Musee Platinum and handles product development/sales for the cosmetics brand LIBOTÉ, each group company unites to conduct corporate activities which provide peace of mind, safety, enjoyment and excitement to our customers.

Message from the President

The corporate slogan of the JIN Group is ""spirit of altruism."" This means that we must constantly focus on our customers and consider how to benefit customers.

Our group has implemented a ""thorough customer-first policy,"" has pursued appropriate pricing for services, and has provided services with peace of mind. Through these efforts, we have realized numerous successes in our beauty business, which focuses on Musee Platinum, cosmetic development business, restaurant business, and other business ventures.

In the future, a variety of new lifestyles will emerge as more women enter working society and the times continue to change. Responding to diverse needs will become even more important.

The entire JIN Group is engaging in cooperation which exceeds individual business fields, seeking to comprehensively implement management resources and services developed through many years of business. Doing so will facilitate the construction of a speedy network for providing total support to our customers.

Moreover, as a corporation that provides services for women, the majority of our staff is composed of women.

As part of our community and social contribution activities, the JIN Group participates in the Pink Ribbon Campaign that protects the life of healthy women.

Women are expected to make significant contributions in today’s world. As such, we believe it is essential to create a comfortable working environment that encourages performance by women.

In addition to maternity leave and child-care leave, we will continue to enhance the careers of women by increasing the number of female managers. We seek to promote the entry of more women into working society and to contribute to forming a society where women can reach their full potential.

Our group has the important mission of existing as a corporation which is truly needed by women. To fulfill this mission, we will unite together and push forward relentlessly.
株式会社ジンコーポレーション 代表取締役社長 髙橋仁(高橋仁)