JIN Communications.,Ltd.

Business activities: restaurant business, real estate business

We operate a real estate agent business and a restaurant business which focuses on ramen restaurants such as "Menya Kusabi" and "Ganso Nagahama Yatai Ramen Isshin Tei". Through close connection with the local community, we conduct corporate activities for new creation and growth.
Ebisu Prime Square 20F, 1-39, Hiroo 1-Chome, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

List of Operated Stores

Menya Kusabi

Kusabi means “wedge” in Japanese. A wedge fulfills the role of bridging gaps and forming connections. Menya Kusabi is a ramen restaurant which connects with customers through the flavors of a bowl of ramen noodles. Experience the best-tasting ramen noodles—full of passionate feeling!

Nidai-Me Kusabi—Tori-no-Sho—

Nidai-Me Kusabi—Tori-no-Sho is a ramen restaurant specializing in chicken broth. This is Kusabi at its best! Our ramen features a rich chicken broth made by slowly simmering chicken and chicken feet. Be sure to try a bowl of delectable ramen with savory chicken flavor!

Isshin Tei

Isshin Tei is a branch restaurant of Nagahama Yatai Isshin Tei, a venerable establishment which opened in 1945. As a typical eating house in Nagahama, Nagahama Yatai Isshin Tei is beloved for delicious soup made only from pork bones, pork skins and the fatty upper part of pork roast. Other favorites include karashi takana (spicy pickled mustard greens) and oden (simmered side dishes). At Isshin Tei, no compromises are made when pursuing traditional flavor and techniques. Experience the true taste of Hakata.

Ah Hakata Ninjo

As an affable, cheerful and honest eating district, Nagahama street stalls grew through the patronage of working-class people. Ah Hakata Ninjo has incorporated these elements of Hakata Nagahama to create a flavor which conveys warm feeling. The food truck Ninjo-Go serves customers throughout Japan.

Kushi-Katsu Homerun

Kushi-Katsu Homerun is the homerun king of kushi-katsu (fried meat skewers). Our skewers are made with generous amounts of fresh ingredients. Our homemade sauce has a unique and irresistible flavor. We also hold daily events such as games for winning a free whisky highball! Everyone can let loose and have a good time at our restaurant.